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    Forrst: One Year Later


    I thought it would be fun to do a quick post in honor of Forrst recently having its first birthday. Coincidentally, our birthday falls in January, which means I can be exceptionally lazy and combine “happy birthday to us” and “year in review” posts into one.

    Now, without further ado, here it is.

    Some interesting numbers since going online in January 2010, one year ago:

    • 1,795,891 unique visitors came to Forrst
    • 10,440,376 pages have been viewed
    • users have spent the equivalent of 22.881 years on the site
    • we grew to 21,024 registered users
    • of those users, in a given month around 7,500 create content (that’s almost 36%!)
    • there are 51,889 posts, with 411,651 likes and 182,090 comments
    • at any given time, roughly 10,000 people are waiting for an invitation (we need to help get them in a bit faster; some have been waiting for months)
    • any given day, users generate around 7,000 unique pieces of activity data
    • there are between 250 and 400 users using Forrst at any given time

    What a year it’s been! I had no idea that what started out as a tiny side project would evolve into a vibrant community. Other notables for 2010, and some of what’s in store for 2011:

    • Gary Vaynerchuk invested a seed round in March and Forrst officially became a full-time project for me
    • we decided to raise a small angel round, and Dave McClure joined as an investor in late December (NB: the round isn’t fully subscribed yet)
    • Forrst gained its first two employees, Zack and Mike (both Forrst users)
    • we launched The Cabin, a weekly deal feature
    • we went through three major iterations of our UI and site architecture
    • we were written about or mentioned multiple times in Observer, Smashing Magazine, Think Vitamin, Mashable, Techcrunch, SEOmoz, and many other blogs
    • we launched Promoted Posts and on-site credits, Acorns
    • finally, we worked with the excellent Pasquale and Adam

    Coming in 2011:

    • We launched into beta
    • We have been invited to work out of Dogpatch Labs NYC (Thanks Peter, Matt, and crew!)
    • The Cabin relaunched in partnership with AppSumo
    • We’re rolling out a job board powered by Behance’s job network
    • We announced Supporter accounts, and started accepting pre-registrations — over 500 members signed up in less than 24 hours

    There’s a bunch more we’ve got in store for the product this year, including welcoming a designer to the team, helping members more easily collaborate, building a better notifications system, more partnerships, and so much more. There are also plans to really start exploring the ways Forrst can become a powerful business, through the job and recruitment avenues, our Supporter accounts, and so forth.

    I realize that this post doesn’t fully do Forrst justice since so many incredible things came to pass last year that are difficult to properly convey, but I hope it provides a glimpse into the amazing journey I and the community have had. Thanks so much.

    Very excited for this year.

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