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Hi. I'm Kyle Bragger. I just wrote a book. I also founded and later sold Forrst, and now work on products at Elepath. If you're so inclined, follow me on Twitter.


    Facto and need a home.

    I’m in search of a home for two projects I’ve created, Facto and Neither have received the love and attention they deserve as of late, but maybe you can change that. Both have received a nice amount of exposure and have users in the mid-thousands; both are (were) enjoyable projects to work on and certainly have bigger potential were the right person (or team) to be at the helm. If you’re interested in taking over one (or both), let me know - kyle at kylebragger dot com - and we can discuss the particulars.

    This is much more about finding the best home for these projects than it is about the money — to that end, I’m open to working out a (mostly) non-cash deal: some kind of equity & revenue sharing is very much on the table.

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